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Bingo Terminal

  • Fast and Smooth
  • Perfect Serial Port listing
  • Beautiful UI


Version History

New Release Features 1.2.0:
* Fixed Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 crash.
* Replaced serial port scan that cause less CPU usage.

New Release Features 1.1.3:
* Fixed a bug.

New Release Features 1.1.2:
* Fixed some bugs.
* Improved functionality.

New Release Features 1.1.1:
* Fixed some bugs.

New Release Features 1.1.0:
* Added some themes.
* Fixed some bugs.

New Release Features 1.0.0:
* Making Portable version.
* Auto scroll added in Rx terminal text view.
* Added new font dialog.
* Added alternative method for serial port list update(named Advance COM Port Lister).
* Added popup notification for new serial port(only hardwares not virtual ones) on plug-in.
* Added 2 type of notification(1.Windows and 2.New).

New Release Features 0.9.0:
* Added 3 themes (2 Light and 1 Dark) (in Settings).
* Add Time and Date Stamp for incomming data(in Advanced Options).
* A NewLine can be applied to every received data(in Advanced Options).
* Add Transmit feature.
* Toolbar is now formed in a Command with icons.
* Reduced time between Serialport hardware workings for more smoother Receive and Transmit.

New Release Features 0.7.0:
* customize background color.
* customize text color.
* customize font.
* save last window size.
* bug fixed about serial port select

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